About Listen-Hear

A system to help children develop their spoken language skills, the Listen-Hear website helps children learn to listen to and understand spoken language following pediatric cochlear implantation or hearing-aid fitting.

This website, which reflects the best current therapeutic practice via the internet, uses a game format targeted toward children aged three to ten. The common aspect of all the games is the requirement to use auditory signals to do the task.

Children who have a hearing loss are at significant risk for delays in language development, reading and educational achievement. Reducing the impact of hearing loss depends on early detection and effective intervention.

Once a child has been fit with appropriate amplification, auditory-verbal (AV) therapy is used to help the child understand speech and learn to use spoken language to communicate with others.

The Listen-Hear multimedia site uses the procedures developed by leading AV therapists. Listen-Hear’s video-game format motivates children and helps make learning fun. Tasks require listening to and understanding sounds and words at all levels (sound, syllable, word, and phrase levels).

The Listen-Hear project is a collaboration among Avaaz Innovations Inc, The National Centre for Audiology, Word Play Publications, the Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network (CLLRNet), and The Unversity of Western Ontario, with additional support provided by the Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium.

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